“Life is too short to make the wrong decisions and trying to find the right answers yourself is sometimes very difficult. With too many options and ideas it all becomes a blur. Izak helped me to stop, simplify, focus and think.”
Deon Brand
FINHUB Financial Group
“I’ve known and worked with Izak for the past couple of years. The simplicity, clarity and quality of ideas he provides, has always given me confidence in his abilities. He provides a fantastic service and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone!!”
Chemus Taljaard
Grayston Elliot Tax Adivsory
"Izak really challenged me and our entire team to put our thoughts and ideas to action. He has been of great assistance in putting down my goals, personal and business related, and then mapping out how these will be achieved. The value of being held accountable for my progress towards these goals were immense."
Conrad Smith
Exceed Chartered Accountants (SA) & Business Advisors
“Look at you, you’re like a young JT Foxx, you are going to be super successful man!!”
JT Foxx
World’s #1 Wealth Coach
“We all have things in life holding us back, mostly ourselves. Izak Strauss helped me to unlock my true potential and overcome these hurdles.” Wiaan Kriel, Grayston Elliot Tax Adivsory
Wiaan Kriel
Grayston Elliot Tax Adivsory
“I was unsure of the way forward, as well as the potential within me. Izak helped me firstly to see the potential within myself, and then guided me in applying it in order to release my purpose in life.”
Kobus Pauw
Powerhouse Ministries
"Izak provided me with the necessary tools and knowledge to delve deep and rediscover myself, which helped me to realise my true potential. His approach is well structured and he takes one through a series of simple truths that have an astonishing effect on one’s perception of self. Prepare to be challenged and prepare for change!"
Schalk Louw
PSG Financial Services
“Izak Strauss came into my life at exactly the right moment!! After experiencing significant personal and professional challenges, he assisted me in asking the tough but relevant questions. These questions led me on a path of self-discovery, often yielding results which were vastly different from the expected. I can now be honest with myself, which gives me an excellent foundation to build my personal and professional future upon!! Thank you Izak, for your massive contribution in my overall wellbeing!”
Jaco Odendaal
Exceed Tax & Advisory Services
“I spent a decade at university to equip me for my future. During this period however, there was no time to stop and learn the finer, technical details of managing the life and wealth that I was trained to create. I am a scientist and want to understand what happens to my money. Izak takes time to build lasting relationships and ensure each client comprehends exactly what is going on. His holistic approach to life and finances, cultivates wellness on all levels.”
Dr. Mari Wentzel
“Your sessions were tough and to the point and I take daily inspiration from them to improve both my business and my life. Your insight and vision was a perfect fit for myself and Snowball Effect. Thank you for being such a wonderful coach!!”
Eugene Van der Merwe
Snowball Effect
“Izak Strauss embodies excellence!! His dedication, transparency, attention to detail and personal approach guides me towards my goals. He really adds massive value.”
Dr. Jolene Ralph
“Izak has helped me achieve financial security, something which I didn’t think was possible. He enabled me to set achievable goals and focus on what is important.”
Dr. Zelda Lubbe
“Izak has been our advisor and coach since 2014. During this time he proved himself to be professional and well informed at all times. He takes great care to ensure that his clients understand the options and products available and goes the extra mile to see clients personally.”
Dr. Corli Marx
“Izak Strauss made me understand the importance of planning for my future in order to obtain financial security. He explains complex terms in plain, understandable language and he goes to great lengths to optimise your investments and wealth. I recommend him to anyone seeking exceptional advice.”
Dr. Lambert Mostert
“Izak explains complex matters with such simplicity and his solutions are unique!! In my hectic schedule, all I had to do was to sign a few documents and everything was in place – for once I have clarity and peace of mind, knowing my finances are in his hands. He is always available and he follows up on a regular basis in order to make the necessary adjustments.”
Hannele Steyn
Ex-professional mountain biker
“As an entrepreneur and someone that travels regularly, I have serious time constraints. My lack of interest and extensive knowledge required in finance, forced me to focus on my skill and what I am good at. The business phrase: ‘If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur’ sums up my current situation. Izak Strauss has been my professional advisor and support pertaining to my financial planning and investments over the last 3 years. He has been phenomenal, detailed, informative and well-organised in the smallest of detail. I have found his research to be unmatched in his field of expertise which in turn gave me piece of mind in terms of my financial portfolio. I can without a doubt recommend his honest, professional and well informed services to anyone, and I still do…”
Ruan Fourie
Investec International Rugby Academy
“Everybody’s situation is different and accordingly Izak took the time to really understand my needs. I have no doubt that I was offered the best advice and products for my specific situation. All my concerns regarding tax and trusts were thoroughly addressed by him. He was also very patient with all my questions and explained the technical concepts in detail and plain language. It is a major advantage if you can trust your adviser to act independently on your behalf, and not just for their own benefit. Thank you very much for service excellence Izak.”
Dougie Hellmuth
Hellmuth Chartered Accountants
“Izak enabled me to secure my legacy and maximise my investments in order to achieve my targets set for retirement. This was no mean feat as I have avoided doing this – particularly drawing up my will – for many years and I am so grateful for Izak, as the peace of mind and sense of relief I have experienced ever since, has been priceless. The practical advice and assistance Izak provided in terms of de-mystifying risk cover, medical aid and financing my vehicle has been invaluable. My investment performance have been excellent and I attribute this largely to Izak’s guidance and expertise. I sincerely mean each and every word!!”
Serelda Price

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