In advising companies and wealthy individuals as an attorney and later on as a private wealth strategist, Izak Strauss recognised that true financial freedom is more than having a lot of money. It’s also about being free from money myths and understanding how your money beliefs and attitudes can affect the quality of your life and relationships. Personal finance is much more personal, in that it is finance. Clients have unique and specific needs and do not have the know-how to integrate that with the objective wealth building process.

Who is Izak Strauss

I am an attorney and private wealth strategist and therefore an authority on private wealth. I believe that success breeds complacency, complacency breeds failure and that only the paranoid survive. Therefore I am continually searching for ways to enhance the lives and wellbeing of my clients.

I aim to live a simple life, not an easy one. I choose to make the right decisions, not the popular ones. I believe we can consciously shape our destinies and live a life marked not by lack and despair, but by prosperity and abundance. No more effort is required to aim high in life, to demand abundance and prosperity, than is required to accept misery and poverty.

I am results driven and pride myself on execution and getting things done, not just talking about it. My business principles are simple:

  1. Add massive value and help wherever I can;
  2. Build a long term relationship; and
  3. Have fun doing it!!

Finance plays such an integral part of our lives and we spend 90% of our lives at work, the sad truth is however that the general financial intelligence on the street is extremely low and that people do not know how to convert their hard earned money in to wealth and prosperity. Being smart about your money does not necessarily translate in to being smart with your money. The “system” never really educated us on wealth and prosperity, but rather how to get a JOB (“just over broke”).

Wealth is my passion and I can speak about it with conviction for hours without any preparation. Creating wealth is my innate talent and my purpose is to pass on to others, what God has poured in to me. I cannot help but share it, because it comes so natural to me. If there is one thing that I need to share with the world before I pass away, that will do you a disservice if I didn’t share this with you, it is that creating wealth is well within your reach, if you choose to educate yourself in it and follow the basic principles.

I want to enable you to design your life in order to maximise your personal and wealth potential – broaden your perspective and find alternative ways of thought, that weave subjectivity and objectivity together in to a healthy, abundant way of living. I want you to live an extraordinary life and in transcending from good to great, leave a lasting legacy.

My formal qualifications include being an admitted Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. I practiced law at a top South African firm, Werksmans Attorneys, specialising in corporate tax structuring and commercial litigation. I also studied Financial Management through the University of Cape Town and I’m a qualified Business and Life Coach (Advanced Mentor).

Apart from my formal qualifications, I have been coached by some of the finest coaches in the world such as Robin Sharma, the Tony Robbins Organisation, JT Foxx, Marco Robert, Jason Gilbert and Dana Van Hoose, on topics such as transformational coaching, wealth coaching and real estate investing.

I annually attend national and international coaching seminars and events such as the World Business and Executive Coach Summit (UK) and Empire Builder with Dr. Nido Qubein (USA), in order to engage and obtain guidance from the best in the world and then pass that on to my clients.

Our goal is simple: Add enormous value and together design your life of abundance in securing your legacy.

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