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Having money doesn’t mean you have a life!! Your greatest investment challenge is not on how to obtain wealth but on how to invest your lives. Your financial wellbeing is not exclusively dependent on how much money you have, but on how well you integrate money in all areas of your life – you need to build a bridge between having money and having a life!!

Asset Management

Once we understand your life goals and the lifestyle you are striving towards, we can determine the specific return your assets need to achieve, in order to provide for your legacy. We use the services of independent investment consultants to construct a portfolio specifically to target your required return, as well as constantly monitoring the portfolio in order to ensure that those targets are met.


Optimal structuring of your investments and assets will ensure that you take full advantage of your allowable tax deductions and reduce unnecessary taxes. This will allow you to obtain the highest possible investment yields and draw your income as tax efficiently as possible.

Cash Flow Planning

Cash is king, as well as your lifeline, accordingly we will assist in structuring your finances in such a way that all your needs are taken care of with a safety net in place, should anything unforeseen happen. Upon your employment income ceasing at retirement, we will ensure that you receive your required monthly income in a tax-efficient manner and still remain flexible enough, in order to adapt to changing circumstances.

Estate Planning

As part of your wealth structuring & legacy planning process, we provide you with an airtight estate plan which gives you the ability to pass it all on autonomously to your heirs and legatees.

Wealth Structuring and Legacy Planning

Optimal tax structuring of your business interests and personal assets are needed to ensure that you and your business are protected against claims from creditors or customers, as well as to reduce your taxes and avoid unnecessary taxes being paid to the South African Revenue Services (“SARS”). The proper structuring of your will, trust and life cover will most definitely coincide with this, in order to provide you with financial security. Your legacy planning will ensure that your family and beneficiaries are empowered to live their best life possible by giving specific instructions to your trustees that needs to be adhered to, for example setting up an educational trust for your children, a scholarship at your Alma Mater or funding a charity close to your heart.

Risk Management

The following risks are assessed whilst constructing your legacy:
- Investment risk
- Tax risk
- The continuity of your business/practice
- Potential loss of income
- Passing of a spouse

Financial Modelling

By way of our proven financial models, we are able to determine how long you can expect your investments and assets to last. We aim to ensure that your retirement graph is stronger than necessary and lasts way beyond your life expectancy, in order to cover any unforeseen circumstances in future.

Trusts, Wills & Fiduciary Services

Trusts, Wills & Fiduciary Services. Contact Us for more information.

Our goal is simple: Add enormous value and together design your life of abundance in securing your legacy.

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