Strategic wealth structuring, tax planning and legal advice exclusively for the affluent

Your life is the sum total of your financial decisions to date, secure your legacy by making superior strategic decisions today. Fact: Everybody wants to leave a lasting legacy. Myth: Everybody will plan for this lasting legacy… Don’t leave your legacy to chance!! Secure your legacy today and truly impact your present and future generations.


Service Offering

We follow a savvy, sophisticated, yet simple approach that provides rock solid financial security by earning higher investment yields, protecting your assets, reducing your taxes and the ability to pass it all on autonomously with an airtight estate plan.

Asset Management

Understanding your life goals and Lifestyle to ensure the best returns

Wealth Structuring and Legacy Planning

Optimal structuring ensuring asset protection and avoiding unnecessary taxes


Be as tax efficient as possible and obtain the highest investment yields

Risk Management

Individualised full spectrum risk assessment

Cash Flow Planning

Optimising your finances to increase your cash flow and receive income in a tax-efficient manner

Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling to last beyond your life expectancy

Estate Planning

Developing an airtight estate plan for your peace of mind

Trusts, Wills & Fiduciary Services

Creating an optimised legacy today for tomorrow’s future

Your financial wellbeing is not exclusively dependent on how much money you have, but on how well you integrate money in all areas of your life – you need to build a bridge between having money and having a life!

Izak Strauss

Attorney and Private Wealth Strategist

“Wealth is my passion and my purpose is to share my knowledge with others in order to advance themselves and prosper in life.

I want to enable you to design your life in order to maximise your personal and wealth potential – broaden your perspective and find alternative ways of thought, that weave subjectivity and objectivity together into a healthy, abundant way of living. I want you to live an extraordinary life and in transcending from good to great, leave a lasting legacy.

I am an attorney and private wealth strategist and therefore an authority on private wealth. I believe that success breeds complacency, complacency breeds failure and that only the paranoid survive. Therefore I am continually searching for ways to enhance the lives and financial wellbeing of my clients.”

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“My passion is wealth in a greater sense but also advancing the lives of people and enabling them to prosper,” says attorney and private wealth

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