Women’s Networking & Investment Group

High Level Networking & Passive Income Investing For the Affluent

The days of a successful woman having to stand in the shadows of her partner when financial decisions are made is long gone – the time of the independent woman has come and now she can step up and rightly take her place when it comes to her and her family’s financial wellbeing and legacy.

As you look to raising your own financial quotient, you must understand at the outset that being smart about money does not necessarily translate into being smart with money. As you know, your money only has true value when it brings meaning to your life or “buy” the life you have been dreaming of all along.

If you believe you can influence the events and the outcome of your life because you have a strong sense of personal power, you tend not to give in to trials and tribulations and are “pro-active” in making “the right things” happen for yourself, the Women’s Investment Group is for you!! This lifestyle-centered approach which emphasises the more subjective topics such as merging financial goals with personal goals and values, will enable you to see how you can consciously shape your life and understand how you can affect and improve your financial well-being. You will also discover what is really “driving” you when it comes to money, which will be the single most effective tool for helping you create a legacy that will lead you to the ultimate financial security you desire.

The Group will further assist you to:

  • Create an abundance mind set;
  • Take control of your financial wellbeing and legacy;
  • Make sound financial decisions compatible with your goals and values – effectively merging your money and life;
  • Clarify goals in all areas of your life;
  • Design financial strategies to support these goals;
  • Help you deal with challenges of common life transitions; and
  • Prosper and secure your legacy.

Take action today and join the Group if you want to truly maximise your wealth potential and build on your successes, network and learn from highly successful, like-minded women and start living the life you always imagined!!

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