Client Results

Based on real life case studies.

  1. X only sought “investment advice”. After a thorough analysis we optimally structured his investments and enhanced his retirement with more than 200% over the next 30 years. We further correctly structured his current will, trust and life cover and saved him over R1 000 000 in taxes on the spot. This additional R1 000 000 and 200% investment boost significantly enhanced his legacy and will make his family prosper even more in these tough economic times.
  2. Y and Z, a married couple, requested transformational and wealth coaching. Not only are their financial goals now aligned with their inner compasses, but they can now openly talk about money without tension and understand their respective “money personalities”. To make it even better, we enhanced their investments with more than 180% over the next 40 years. They obtained financial certainty and are experiencing a sense of purpose and satisfaction, as they are now spending their money in accordance with their shared values.
  3. XX, admittedly “clueless” when it came  to finance, sought all the help possible, as she was moving abroad. We provided her with rock solid financial security by enhancing her investments with more than 190% over the next 40 years and securely protecting her assets. She was further empowered to safeguard her wealth-building process from ignorance, denial, lack of self-control and counterproductive relationships. By putting money in its place, as servant, she is truly living a fulfilling life.

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